A long history. . .

The oldest ginseng-growing family still in the business.
Quality ingredient means everything.

"The Fromm Brothers were the first to successfully cultivate American ginseng turn of the century. My great-grandfather, Julius Burmeister learned how while working for them and began cultivating American ginseng in 1909. Its been in my family ever since." -Mike Burmeister

  • The Best Wisconsin-grown American ginseng

    Our roots are cultivated to 4 years maturity before harvest. All of our products are rigorously tested to ensure that we only provide the best to our clients and customers.

  • Any way you like it.

    Whether you are looking for a convenient capsule, delicious ginseng teas, powder for smoothies and cooking, ginseng extract or roots. . . we do all things Wisconsin ginseng.

  • Green Business

    Burmeister Ginseng is a green business promoting organic sustainable ginseng cultivation and industry innovation.

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