1 lbs American Ginseng Powder 西洋参粉 (454 g)

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1 lb Pure and finely ground American Ginseng powder 西洋参粉 (454g) in Resealable Pouch

Burmeister Ginseng Powder is our Wisconsin-grown American ginseng root ground to a fine powder and nothing else. Enhance anything like smoothies, protein shakes, soups, stews, and stir-fry.

The flavour of American ginseng starts with a complex earthy, woodsy, bitter bite that ends with a nutty bittersweet finish. Much like chocolate, coffee and other delicious bitters, this flavor 'pops' and is wonderful with a bit of added sweet. Ginseng goes great with green teas, any ginger/mulling-herb spices, chai, other herbal teas and juices.

  • 1/2 teaspoon (2g) per cup (8-12 oz) hot water
  • Steep 5 minutes in hot water. Longer is better, you cannot over-steep ginseng. Grounds are good for 2 steeps, and the steeped root is completely edible. No tea bags to clog!
  • Always product of the USA.
  • Can be used to make your own capsules or tincture

  • Great as a pre-workout, or post-workout recovery drink

Other ways to use ginseng powder

  • Add to your morning coffee. The adaptogenic properties in ginseng will provide sustainable cellular energy and minimize the crash from caffeine.
  • Add to your smoothie to avoid high blood-sugar spikes. Ginseng is very low calorie. 
  • Make a DIY skin mask or poultice to help reduce rashes, bug bites, wrinkles, minimize signs of aging, promote elasticity and collagen production, reducing puffiness and inflammation, lightening or brighten your skin. The saponins in ginseng cause suds and go right through your skin (transdermal). 
  • Use as a bar bitter for cocktails to make your drinks healthier. Make's for an interesting Old Fashioned. 
  • Add to sweets, syrups, jams, jellies and frostings. Ginseng brings the bitter that will make your baked goods unforgettable. 

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