American Panax Ginseng Berry Extract 西洋参浆果提取物 2 oz (30 servings)

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Get 60% more Ginsenosides from Panax Ginseng Berry Extract 西洋参浆果提取物 !

American Panax Ginseng berries have been under-appreciated. In traditional oriental medicine, ginseng root has long been used as a valuable medicinal plant. During cultivation, growers must choose between harvesting the seed for further plantings or removing the flowers to increase root development. Thus, many have thought that the ginseng berry (fruit) may be considered a useless by-product of ginseng. However, recent research has determined that ginseng berries contain higher amounts of total ginsenosides than the root. 

Recent studies on Ginseng berries suggest they have 60% more ginsenosides than in the root and four not found in the root. Additionally, berries contain vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant polyphenols. Research evaluating ginseng berry's efficacy is limited to preclinical studies. Still, it has promising potential as a mental health-promoting nutraceutical due to the higher levels of ginsenosides' anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. Rb3, Re, Rb2, Rd, and Rc are the ginsenosides most abundant in the American ginseng berry; assessing their composition via high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) suggests they're superior in promoting gut health. Furthermore, according to numerous reports, an anti-aging component of the ginseng berry, syringaresinol, can activate the longevity genes sirt1 and foxo, which offers the potential as an anti-aging reagent for many age-related health issues and to increase overall vitality.

Our Ginseng Berry extract is fermented for easier digestion and improves the bioavailability of nutrients. With a bitter, sour flavor reminiscent of apple cider vinegar, it comes in a 2 oz dropper and contains 30 servings of 1:3 ratio extract. 

  • Fermented Extract

  • 1:3 Ginseng Berries to Ethanol/water ratio extract (certified-organic grain alcohol)

  • 2 dropper-full per one serving

  • 30 servings per bottle

  • Shake well before use

St-Laurent, T.; Hammami, R. The Untapped Potential of Ginsenosides and American Ginseng Berry in Promoting Mental Health via the Gut–Brain Axis. Nutrients, 2022, 14, 2523.

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