Ginseng Tea 茶用西洋参块 1 oz Carton (15 servings) — 3 pack bundle

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Think outside the teabag! American Ginseng Loose Tea 茶用西洋参块 in 1oz Resealable Pouch.

Try Burmeister's Farm-Direct Wisconsin-grown American ginseng tea! A taste of true Americana from the original Wisconsin ginseng farm.

    • 1/2 teaspoon (2g) per cup (8-12 oz) hot water
    • Steep 5 minutes in hot water. Longer is better, you cannot over-steep ginseng tea.
    • Grounds are good for 2 steeps, and the steeped root is completely edible
    • No tea bags to clog! Always product of the USA.

    The flavour of American ginseng starts with a complex earthy, woodsy, bitter bite that ends with a nutty bittersweet finish. Much like chocolate, coffee and other delicious bitters, this flavor 'pops' and is wonderful with a bit of added sweet. Ginseng goes great with green teas, any ginger/mulling-herb spices, chai, other herb teas and juices. Can be used for cooking in soups, stews, marinades and stir fry.