Ginseng Root, Medium size roots, 1 lb Bulk bag, 100% Pure Wisconsin American Ginseng

1 lbs Ginseng Root 西洋参根 (454 g) Mediums 中号

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Wisconsin-Grown American Ginseng Root 西洋参根 by the Pound in Resealable Pouch! 

  • Medium sized 中号 Ginseng Root

  • 30-40 root count

Re-hydrate roots and slice into soups stews and stir fry. Adds a bittersweet complexity to any dish.

2 grams per serving


Here are 4 easy ways to use or consume Ginseng roots 西洋参 : 

Ginseng Tea

You can slice the root into thin pieces. Pour hot water over 3-5 slices, and let it steep for 5-8 minutes. You can drink the tea, as well as eat the the ginseng slices. Add a little honey if you’re not used to the slight bitterness of ginseng.

Ginseng Tincture

Cut the ginseng root into small pieces (smaller the better, more surface area). Fill a glass container with ginseng and vodka (commonly used, or any 60 proof clear alcohol) at a ratio about 1:2 (1 part ginseng, 2 part alcohol). Make sure the lid is tightly sealed. Let the mixture sit at a minimum of 2 weeks, shake the mixture every day. Finally you can strain the liquid and enjoy your ginseng tincture. Start at 5-10 drops per day, and increase up to 20 drops.

Cooking with Ginseng

Break the ginseng root into smaller pieces, and toss into your soup broth (especially chicken soup) for some added health benefits.

Chew on Ginseng Root

Simply break off a little piece and chew on it as it slowly dissolves in your mouth. New ginseng-users beware: the root is known for its bittersweet earthy flavor.

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